Jane Sullivan Roberts pawn slop

Hello -My name is Jane Sullivan Roberts.

My husband is Supreme Court Justice Roberts- Our entitlement circus TAG TEAMS as JESUS.

Robert’s inJustice puts the I in SCHEME.

I’m running a recruitment pawn shop called- LAWYER & JUDGE SHOPPING-

Call it what you will-(WE neva call it conflict of interest)-
Call it –“INTERE$T on CONFLICT”!

Checks cashed- thumbs greened.

As a conservative, Christian DOGMA, fundamentalist in DC- I’m “making bank” off my husband’s inbred pedigree.

Imagine a Bishop married to the Pope, baptized in a cesspool of payola.

Unsavory: a bathtub I wear on my finger like a cheap telemarketing ring.

WHO DAT on DAH line?

Justice Clarence Thomas – (in bubble trouble) -That man and his bleached whale wife- live in bath ROBES.

Gold-plated tubs installed by billionaire (FASCIST) HARLAND CROW.

(It’s OK to be owned Clarence- just don’t wipe boogers on your fiends).

It’s SOOOOO hard- for Johnny and ME- to call that kettle black… when WE are up to our pearls in SIMULAR shit.

(Decorum means- DON’T GET CAUGHT darling)!

THANK GOD the Supreme Court is “legally exempt” from everything.

Picture MAGA Christians sucking golden bowling ball through a garden hose.

Off shore banking is like being a plantation owner… -bring your hoes.

Of course-logic (USE TO) demand forensic TAX AUDIT INVESTIGATION$-

Fraud blooming corruption… (pray nobody beat around my thorny bush).

Late to the club- (No worry’s)- ITS always tee time fur GRIFTERS.

Jane’s secret hole (in one)-GREENS FEES.

MOW fur ME!- nothing fur you.


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Signed: Glenn Jones