Alabama, you’ve done it again my friends
Elected a racist moron who only offends
Tommy “The Taint” Tuberville is his name
And sucking off Nazis is his favorite game!
Not football, he was never any good at that
Taking credit for Black men’s free labor is
Where Tuberville always thought it was at
This neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi numbskull
Wants our military full of White supremacists
And Trump wanted “his” generals to treat him
Like Hitler – what a Republitarded whiny bitch!
Trump & his acolyte Tuberville should hump
Then Lindsey Graham will lick their rumps
And Ron DeSantis will get in on this orgy too
With his white boots, Gov. Tiny D will do
He looks like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader
In those feminine white boots that he wears
Don’t forget Madison Cawthorn loves to screw
Cawthorn’s male cousin’s face for all to see too
Could these closeted conservatives be gayer?
The Trump Crime Family are a bunch of haters.
White boots Ron who has to get past The Don
To win the GOP’s nomination for their party’s
Greedy Old Pervert of the quadrennial contest
Might take Trump up on his Hitlerian offer
Dumb Trump’s generals don’t belong to him
Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg might win

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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Signed: Jake Pickering