Boebert’s clown credentials

Drunken, disorderly, rodeo HOE – (Colorado’s embarrassment)- “Gun slinger slut” Boebert… promises to out scoot Wyatt Burp.

Bankrupt, broke in 2019- Lauren “side hustled” (GOP prostitution escort).

Pouring booze (and whatever else) for entitlement “cheap shots” like Senator Ted Cruz-
Cruz’s generosity- bounced “bankrupt Boebert”- $300,000.00 – (flea checking).

Rhinestone saddle$, Campaign BUMP$, Colorado whore…

FACTS: (deceptively) hidden til now- under Boebert’s half pint sheriff’s hat.

PROOF: Godless evangelical’s DON’T care-

Boebert’s a failed prostitute, using
RELIGION as “tramp stamp” BRANDING.

Rumor is…UNEDUCATED Lauren Boebert terminated “embryonic Cruz” for her tin MAGA badge and golden Congressional feed trough credentials.

“Gump starting” Lauren’s RED LIGHT tanning bed.

Boebert SHAMELESSLY LATE TERMED “embryo ted” at a Glenwood abortion clinic-
(Senator’s unclaimed saddle sore).

YOU Herd it hair FIRST folks… Cruz- financed Boebert’s “HOEdown” RIOT into Congress.
Ted Gump (and evangelical) scripture reads-

Insurrectionist trailer trash Lauren RESHUFFLES a cow pokered HISTORY with BORED AGAIN, FASCIST PIGSHIT -every trough.

Lauren’s arrest record husband- (industry owned petroleum consultant)-bone dry wells- GUARANTEED.

Boebert paid off her own in-laws to “keep quiet” about a near death ATV accident (she caused) in Utah.

Boebert STILL serves Colorado voters UNSANITARY, food poisoned, pork sliders- (HER -relentless diarrhea- rodeo- RERUNS).

Lauren TVs as Jerry Springer- vulture capitalism.

Jan 06 DC (line dancing) Boebert… Chuting GRIFT into Trump’s slaughterhouse.

Sack racing Cruz- Barebacked, buck STARVED Boebert.

BOTH pork barrel sliders- callEM…Hoe $ee Doh.

Their chomping “BIT”- convincingly, sassy, stupid, bitches-
Their “LEAD” –blinding hypocrisy-

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