Harlan Crow SPEAKS!

Harlan Crow speaks.

Despite advice from a dozen attorneys, I’m DEMANDING the IRS do a complete forensic TAX AUDIT.

ALLEGED – kleptocratic worship and democracy destruction- I feeel violated!

The IRS will exonerate my TARNISHED REPUTATION, put to rest-(PHONY liberal) SLANDERS- I simply PURCHASED “a cheat” on the SUPREME COURT with MY billions of influence.

JURY…Isn’t it possible-I’m just an average white guy with a few quirks?

FULL TRANSPARENCY America- nothing to hide here folks! Except (of course)-my big WHITE HIDE.

As transparent as glacier streams thundering down from Hitlers Eagle nest retreat HIGH in those GLORIOUS alpine Mountains of NAZI era Germany.

I don’t want to whisper into a microphone-I WANT TO SCREAM-

Clarence may polish my oxfords- but Thomas is NOT MY NIGGA.

It’s not as if Clarence does the dishes while traveling abroad -CLINGING (like a barnacle) ON my luxury yacht lifestyle.

I MAY have…
membership within (He-man women haters) BOHEMIAN CLUB.

I DO collect Hitlers personal artifacts, AND have a weirdo sculpture garden of FASCISM at my massive garden estate…
but HEY… let’s not read anything into the fine print, OK?

Let’s say YOU were born billionaire-LIKE ME.

Wouldn’t YOU shelter MY MASSIVE ASSets and obscure financial transactions behind SECRET banking laws?

Wouldn’t YOU PURCHASE CITIZENSHIP in- St. Kitts and Nevis… that (coincidentally) have such SECRET BANK LAWS? – thought so!

I’m paying less American Taxes than an illegal immigrant!

No taxes for TexASS!

SEE- You’re just like ME.

John Thomas
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