Magic Kingdumb

Ron DeSantis (GOP Taliban) promotes Florida as… “WHERE WOKE GOES TO DIE”

Ron “races to the bottom” … because… like Trump’s “RETRIBUTION flush 2024”- there is NO bottom- just verbal diarrhea revenge.

Republican non- inclusive (ignorance)- matched only by Governor Greg Abbott of Texas-

Abbott’s license plate bullet reads “stand any molehill-NRA every white Christian 4th grader”
Southern GOP governors- competing for, largest landfill- BIGGEST DUMPSTER FIRE-worst policy, most idiotic slogans.

DeSantis actually got married at Disneyland- (funnymoon- didn’t last).

Ron kissed Cinderella -but she never WOKE UP either.

Behold- “Dos dumbbells” … asleep at the deal- pressing state lines.

In other words- only “SLEEPY” cartoon characters – Vote Ron.

All THIS- brings new meaning to an old JOKE that “Florida is for the newlywed- or the NEARLY DEAD”.

Sane governor’s “represents everyone”- (that’s the ONLY real deal).

-G RATED means- General audience- not some rabid Evangelical Governor riding (Dorothy’s womb) like a flying monkey.

Travel Key west lately DeSantis?


LIP SERVICE George Santos- Governor – (NOT because George dresses in drag)- because Santos’ is a GRIFTER- like you – SAILING (and grifting) WAY OFF COURSE.

Ron and wife (apparently) never meet actual gay couples- (maybe- they just “HATE” rainbows)-

Using both their RIGHT feats- “GRUMPY Ron” and “DOPEY senator Rick Scott”- should dance WHITE off a cliff into that make-believe HELL they impose on everyone else.

DeSantis Book banning in HIS (unmagical) Kingdom… HE’S already sounding like Auschwitz meets 1984.

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