AJ is NOT Resting In Peace

Stand your molehill.

If a black woman -shot a white woman –(through a locked front door)- does anyone really believe it would take FOUR LONG DAYS before that BLACK woman would be arrested?


State Sanctioned RACISM buried A.J Owens.

Calling Ajike’s kid “niggers”, (earlier) assaulting AJ’s children by hitting then with thrown items, stealing AJ’s son’s iPad, etc. etc.

How dare Mother A.J Owen’s “comes over to see what Susan Lorincz’s malfunction is”??-

Lorincz SHOT Ajike through a locked door, apparently rationalizing- “LOOK- a black neighbor-OPEN FIRE”!!

Sure… sounds reasonable-(IF YOUR FUCKING CRAZY).

An unarmed mother of four -gunned down in front of her 9-year-old son.

Lunatic white folk’s handling things with the latest edition of bankrupt confederacy HATE politics.

Does a locked door really provide ANY opportunity for eminent violence? Was UNARMED AJ Owens going to tear that LOCKED door off the hinges with her bare hands?

Arrested 4 days later… Marion County sheriff- Billy Wood claims Lorincz may have been “standing her ground” (ZERO police procedure).

Sounding like Elmer Fudd-

” OK Susan- keep that loaded pistol – jest don’t kill any more black folks -til we get this little dispute IRONED out”.

Barney Fife Problem solving with the badge, (ZERO tax payer accountability).

“If some national media starts “snoopin around- We might have ta ask yall to come down to the station”.

SUE the NRA, DeSantis and Florida back to the STONE AGE- (oop’s they are… already there).

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Signed: Glenn Jones