The KEYSTONE fops.

Trump’s attorneys share this much: free MUGSHOT, JAIL TIME, being-UNPAID.

Circus makeovers from a moving GOP CLOWN CAR.

Ladies and Gentleman- in center ring! I present to you…

(Doctor malpractice)-John Eastman (professor Noclue)!

Former attorney for Enron –eager beaver- Sidney Powell, (Lawyer of the DAMMED).

Mark Meadows- following his own bad advice (OFF incriminating CLIFFS).

TRAITOR: Kenneth Chesbro- “SAY CHEESE”- (nacho best move genius).

Jenna Ellis- not just pretzel bent… totally BROKE, STALE and CRUSHED.

Don’t forget that drip- Rudi Giuliani- claiming to “KNOW WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED”.

ROTTEN Rudi never crawled far from Daddy’s ROT.

Rudi’s father Harold “ANGEL” Giuliani (God test his soul) was convicted of felony assault and robbery.

Angel worked as MOB ENFORCER and LOAN SHARK after serving time in Sing Sing-

Thanks Pops!

“Americas Mayor” strangely seemed “predisposed” to seek the lowest landfill in New York- Trump’s grave digger.

Let’s not forget ringleader mob boss – “Stump” the DONALD himself!

A “slum lording” crooked family stuck a silver spawn in DON’S MASSIVE pie hole- from day one.

God’s gift to HOLES.

A deranged, SELFISH bully- driving everything he touched into the ground.

An “undead” life of entitlement, fraud and bankruptcy.

“You have the right to remain VIOLENT, everything you said can “AND IS” being used against you-bla, bla, la.

FIILTHY as charged-
A wasted life of narcissistic indulgence that can never be redeemed.

Treason, insurrection, conspiracy, racketeering, fraud and tax evasion.

Golfing life as “BIGGEST HOLE on the CROOKED course”.

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