O6 Bonnie&Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde. Heard of em?

1934 -After killing 9 Police and 4 citizens- they died in a (well-deserved) hail of gunfire.

Jan 06 ushered in a new crop of criminality, including a Federal Judge with a well-polished MAGA bobble head.

TRAITORS -Olivia Hutchinson & Joseph Hutchinson- have what Bonnie and Clyde only dreamed of- A TRUMP APPOINTED, FEDERALIST SOCIETY judge- PROTECTING THEM- named Carl J. Nichols.

Judge Nichols lets high-risk FELONS walk free on our dime—- freedoms- CROOKS- would gladly steal from average Americans.

Ask Carl to explain why these MOST WANTED DOMESTIC TERRORISTS (whom attacked our Capital) don’t have massive rewards with their shameless mugs?

Are Federal Marshals in hot pursuit?
NOPE- not… if Carl has HIS STAY.

Who exactly is this (long time corporate) SHILL Nichols working for?
Or against?

Helping insurrectionists isn’t an anomaly for Nichols, he was the pathetic Judge who oversaw Steve Bannon’s trial.

Bannon-GUILTY -two counts, contempt of Congress.

The Justice Department recommended-

6 months jail and a $200,000.00 fine for that NAZI BOMB THROWER-

instead… Carl gave Bannon a $6,500.00 fine.

(Ignoring Congress cost Stevo “nexta nuthin”).
Instead of Jail- Crooked Carl “STAYED HIS RULING” while Bannon “APPEALS HIS GUILTY VERDICT”

Meaning: Bannon continues running his fascist mouth, FREE TO-podcast rubbish that helped Trump riot the Capital and kill cops.

Slum justice.

Thanks, Corporate Carl… It fits your tainted RICO image that Steve Bannon, Olivia & Joseph take steamy shits on your head YET- YOU maintain that KEISTER smile-


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