Not a Light, But a Place

I remember that day in July of ’69 so well. Grandmother had passed barely month before and I thought it a great pity that she had missed that moment when Mr. Armstrong first set foot upon the moon. She had told me of torchlight parades for McKinley and of the War To End All Wars, but didn’t. Of gas lights and horse-drawn carriages and the first automobiles. It would have been fine if she could have seen that too, her eyes bright with one more wonder.

I remember looking up into the night sky at that bright silver dime and realizing for the first time that it was a place…a place where people could go…a place where people HAD gone, and maybe I might go there too.

Now Mr. Armstrong has gone where all have gone before, or shall.

But the wonder remains.

Be seeing you.

Photo from NASA

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