Is It Safe?

DHS has spent a lot to protect certain ‘targets,’ but not the ones actually getting hit. Is it safe, really?

Is it safe? In the nearly eleven years since the events of September eleventh 2001 the United States has embarked upon somewhere between two and seven wars, depending on how one defines one’s conflicts in this brave new world. We have created an uberpolitzei in the chillingly named Department of Homeland Security. We have built a detention camp and we have tortured…And then we have contracted mercenaries for the really dirty work.

Is it safe?

During this time the DHS has used its ever-increasing budget to insure that radioactives are not entering our ports, supplied heavy weapons and armor to local police forces, and built a wall along our southern border. Meanwhile, if you feel like traveling anywhere, prepare to be injected, inspected, infected, detected, neglected, and hope you aren’t selected.

All of this in the name of protecting us from terrorism. They have spent our tax dollars on ensuring the security from terrorist attack of every potential target from Disneyland and the Mall of America to the head office of Albertson’s Markets and a senior citizen’s center in Utah. Strangely though, there has not been so much as one dime of DHS money protecting the one set of targets that have already been the object of multiple terrorist attacks: abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices. There have been over a hundred incidents of arson and bombings at clinics and at least eight murders, making them easily the leading target of terrorist acts in the U.S. Planned Parenthood has also been the repeated target of terrorist assaults, yet neither group has received any federal money to make them safer from violence. In fact, Congress has forbidden either group from receiving any federal money at all.

Could it be because these terrorists are White?

During the Bush administration investigations of White Supremacist groups were largely abandoned and the Earth Liberation Front was declared the #1 domestic terror threat. They had, in their entire history as an organization, caused exactly one death.

And so it goes.

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