Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead

The wicked witch is dead! Alright, wicked warlock. Terrorist. Whatever! He’s history. Now can we get out of Afghanistan? Pretty please? And Iraq? And while we’re at it, let’s stop right now and not get involved in Lybia.

Sure, fledgling revolutions for democracy can use some help, but we always seem to do more harm than good when we go in and occupy. So let’s just occupy our own country and spread some democracy there, shall we? It can use an infusion, as democracy seems to be leaking away in places like Wisconsin and Michigan, etc. Yeah, in Michigan, the governor (with the help of his Republican legislature) has decided he can go in and fire a mayor and city council of a town if he deems it necessary, and in stall a corporate “manager.” So what if the people elected their own representatives?! Wow…

Ok, so anyway, we’ve got some announcements:

Congratulations to Debra Smith of Sacramento, won the W.E.T. Rafting Trip, in the contest advertised on the back cover of our April 20th Anniversary Issue, and an on our Humor Times Facebook page (please “like” us there if you haven’t already)! Thanks to W.E.T. for that generous donation to help us celebrate, and for their other donation of a raffle prize (also a whitewater rafting trip) during our Anniversary Variety Show Extravaganza, April 22nd.

We also received generous do nations of raffle prizes from: Dr. Okazaki, Davis Food Co-op, Capital Athletic Club, John Reiger Pottery, Green Tortoise, A-Z Chiropractic, Original Home Brew Outlet, Omsoft, Pacific Western Traders, California WorldFest, Hoppy Brewing Company and the Crest Theatre. Thanks so much to all of those businesses, and to the many who advertised with us for our very special, 32 page, Anniversary Issue (April!).

James Israel
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