The Humor Times: 20 Years and Counting!

Our very first issue, when it was called the Comic Press News, featured a four-page cartoon spread on the Gulf War, which was just winding down. Here we are, 20 years later, in three wars in the middle east (if you count Lybia). If more is better, I guess we’re doing alright!

But, of course, we’re not. The wars are dragging our economy down – which doesn’t need any help in that department, as our own Wall Street has done a mighty fine job of that. Politics are more acrimonious than ever, not helped by extreme media elements that are more interested in starting and prolonging fights than in facts or seeking common ground and solutions.

The first solar voltaic panels were invented in 1954, but our government chose to invest in nuclear instead, and now we’ve got an energy crisis with no infrastructure in place for alternative energy to flourish. Nuke plants in Japan have come perilously close to melting down, oil wells deep in the ocean blow and we can’t fix them, and we’re approaching peak oil, as fuel prices continue to climb.

The economic crash caused by greedy unscrupulous types on Wall Street and in the major banking institutions is used as a reason to squeeze the poor and the middle class and to go after the unions, because “we need to balance the budget” and “share the sacrifice.” The fact that the corporations that caused the crisis are making more profits than ever never seems to be raised, except in the alternative media.

Yes, times are tough. We need some comic relief sometimes. And that’s why we’re still here!

True, the Humor Times is no longer distributed free as it once was in the Sacramento area, but in a harsh environment for print publications, we’ve survived. The product is actually improved, with more cartoon styles by more artists, more columns and even some “fake news,” a la The Onion.

If you’ve missed us since we converted to a paid circulation format over two years ago (available by subscription all over the world, and in digital format via the web), well, we’re still here! Why not fork over a few bucks to get your favorite political satire publication delivered right to your door? You don’t have to worry about missing an issue, nor do you need to go looking for it. And it’s only about a buck and a half per month. I mean, c’mon.

We want to heartily thank those thousands who have subscribed, and kept us going in the process, as well as the advertising support we still get. Most issues don’t have very many ads, but they help, and those business supporters are our heroes! This issue is an exception, as a lot of businesses jumped in to help us celebrate our 20th, and we thank them. Please tell them you saw their ad in the Humor Times!

Now comes the time to celebrate! On Friday, April 22nd, we’re presenting the Humor Times 20th Anniversary Variety Show Extravaganza! Please come out and celebrate with us! It’s a joint event with Access Sacramento, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Doors open 6:30PM and the show starts at 7:00PM, in the Coloma Community Center auditorium, 46th & T, Sacramento.

The great political comedian Will Durst is headlining, and we’ve got a great supporting cast lined up! See the back cover ad for more info.

Advanced tickets may be had online at and in person at Access Sacramento, 46th & T. See you there!

James Israel
Social media