The First Zero Star Hotel

“Frank and Patrik Riklin who own Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (studio for special works) in St. Gallen were initially looking for a place to lodge guest musicians who were invited to perform at a local venue. Since there was no room in Sevelen for a new hotel, someone suggested taking a look at an underground nuclear bunker.”

While it proved unsuitable for visiting musicians, they decided to open a 0-star hotel there instead. (The “zero star” name is a reference to the well known Michelin Guidebook system of rating hotels and restaurants in Europe.) The only condition that the Swiss government set was that no walls could be removed and that the shelter must be maintained in such a state that it can be re-converted to its intended purpose within 24 hours notice in the event that Switzerland is attacked.


“It will be interesting to see how this idea takes off once it’s fully available. It was not so long ago when world’s first 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) opened for public and now we’re seeing the opposite end of it with Null Stern Hotel.”


Other than the communal bathrooms, I have paid far more to stay in far worse. Rates are from $9 to $13 a night.



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