A Child’s Warfare Primer

 Or Clauswitz for Children

After the U.S.Army got into the video game business a few years ago I suppose it was only a matter of time. Sure, the little tykes will shoot anything that moves, but they are such lousy strategists and tacticians.

Enter the (I hope) tongue in cheek “The Children’s Illustrated Clauswitz“, which attempts to render the military strategy classic, “On War” from the early 19th century, which is still taught at the U.S. War College, into a children’s book.

Guten Morgen, Class! For our first lesson, we will talk about what war is, why we go to war, what we get from war, what some of its primary characteristics are, and a little of what it takes to be successful in war.

War is the use of force – Yes, Otter?

-What’s ‘force’ mean?

Violence, threat of violence, physical advance on territory, etc. – use of force to make the enemy do our will, to make him do what we want him to do. The aim is to disarm the enemy, to – Yes, Otter?

What’s ‘disarm’ mean?
It is to make it so he cannot strike back at us. In war, you place your effort against the enemy’s resistance – Yes, Otter?

What’s ‘resistance’ mean?

   I can hardly wait for the pop up book!

Auf Widersehen!

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