There they go again! Republicans Take Country Hostage Over Obamacare

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “There they go again!” on Obamacare

I think even the ol’ Gipper would be ashamed of his party these days. What do they think they’re doing, threatening to “shut down” the government over a law which was democratically passed (the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”), with many of their own party voting for it?

That’s not governing, that’s pure obstructionism, and worse, could bring on the destruction of U.S. credit.

If they do it, it will be disastrous for our standing in the world and for an economy that is struggling mightily (also due to a large degree to more obstruction, in areas such as jobs bills, stimulus, etc).

Do they think they’re helping themselves for the 2014 congressional elections? It’s despicable behavior regardless. But it’s a highly dubious strategy anyway, even if they have gerrymandered the districts in Republican-controlled states. The American public is sick of the torched-earth tactics destroying their economy. They see through it, and it will backfire.

The Republican party of the early 21st century has allowed itself to be overtaken by the radical right, known these days as the “Tea Party,” a supposedly grassroots group that never really was. It’s been corporate sponsored from the start, funded by the Koch brothers, et al, and steered into rooting for everything the 1% wants. The good thing is even the most loyal Tea Partiers are bound to see through the charade eventually.

Hey, Congressional Republicans, here’s an idea: how about doing what’s right for the country? How about helping to get the economy back on track, no matter who’s in the White House? It’s well past time to get over losing the presidency.

How about doing something for the working people of this country, by reigning in Wall Street and the big banks, who together ran this country into the ground with their reckless behavior back when G.W. Bush was leaving office? Instead, the GOP has worked to weaken any kind of meaningful reform, and the “too big to fail” financial institutions are even bigger, and now supposedly “too big to jail.”

How about coming to grips with reality, which is that global warming is real, and we need to transition to alternative energy as fast as we possibly can – investment in which, by the way, would do a tremendous amount to strengthen the economy.

How about, if you don’t like Obamacare, you come up with an alternative? And going back to the dysfunctional and cruel system we had is not an option.

If you really want to do what’s right for the American people, you’d back single payer health care insurance. It’s what every other civilized country in the world has, in one form or another. They can’t all be wrong.

In short, how about doing right, instead of just leaning far right, for a change?

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