Hurray for Alternative Energy Innovations!

Alternative energy innovation is what should be getting subsidized, NOT fossil fuel companies.

There are so many advances being made in alternative energy these days, it is very inspiring. Such as André Broessel’s latest invention, which looks like something out of a superhero movie (see pic). Called the “Rawlemon Solar Device,” the spherical solar concentrating system produces efficient solar energy anywhere. According to a recent report in “Fast Company,” the German architect touts his orb-like system as being 35 percent more efficient than a standard panel, doing even better when combined with a tool for tracking the sun.

Alternative Energy Innovation, Rawlemon Solar Device
The Rawlemon Solar Device, just one of many recent advances in alternative energy.

Another new innovation is the “Zero-Blade Technology” wind power device, largely inspired from the sailboat. It is likely to double the efficiency of current wind power conversion devices. The blades are replaced by a sail-shaped body, while both hub and gearbox are removed.

Just think how much faster the progress would be, both in innovation and actual working installations, if alternative energy research received the subsidies that are now going to the fossil fuel industry!

In this day and age, it’s a real shame that the hugely profitable oil companies are getting any subsidies at all. Why do companies that make record sums of money year after year need any government help at all? Answer: they don’t. Then why do they get it? Answer: they’ve got the so-called “people’s representatives” in their pockets. Time to vote ’em out!

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