Ewe Swine! …And Other Oddities.

This picture is not photoshopped, nor is it the latest GMO abomination. It is a Mangalitsa, one of three curly-haired varieties of swine raised in Hungary and the Balkans.

“Baaaaa!” *ahem*, “I mean, “Oink”

 “I’m feeling much better now!”

     A 50 year-old South African man awoke to find himself on a mortuary table. He began screaming to be let out, giving the morgue attendants the fright of their lives. 
     His family has assumed he was dead when they were unable to wake him Saturday night and called the local private morgue to fetch him. 
    All told, the poor fellow spent nearly 24 hours in the morgue.

     “The two attendants later returned and called for an ambulance. The man – whose identity has been withheld – was treated in hospital for dehydration. “Doctors put him under observation and concluded he was stable,” Eastern Cape health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said.”


  I presume the gentleman in question is busy rewriting his will.

     Be seeing you.


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