The Hound Is A Lonely Hunter

If you have a male dog it has happened to you. You boss is over for dinner…or perhaps it is the minister’s wife,. Everything is going fine until suddenly Scruffy, your pet trouser schnauzer begins furiously humping on your guest’s leg.

Neutering him will not end this embarrassing habit–then he’ll just do it for revenge. You can lock him away from the guests, but it will be difficult to converse over the canine toccata fugue in Dm. What’s a pet owner to do?

Don’t despair! The French, in their poetic souls have taken pity on the lonely love-lorn canine. Behold Hotdoll: The sex doll for dogs!

The Hotdoll is shaped to be grabbed easily by paws like female hips. The orange bits are made of rubber so it won’t slip on smooth flooring, while the rest is covered in a 1 cm technogel skin.
MSRP: 149 Euros.
Well, he is your best friend.


A tasteful promotional video can be found at the maker’s web site.
I still wouldn’t watch it at work if I were you.
Be seeing you.
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