A Different Kind Of Funeral

Holy Smoke is just the thing for when the avid hunter or gun collector in your family passes.
From their web site:
Several years ago I was talking with my friend and co-worker at work one evening. We were discussing the passing of one of our relatives and the topic of conversation turned to our own demise and whether we preferred burial or cremation….My friend  smiled and said “You know I’ve thought about this for some tme and I want to be cremated. Then I want my ashes put into some turkey load shotgun shells and have someone that knows how to turkey hunt use the shotgun shells with my ashes to shoot a turkey. That way I will rest in peace knowing that the last thing that one turkey will see is me, screaming at him at about 900 feet per second.”
The service that Holy Smoke provides is, simply put as follows: You ship them the cremated remains of your loved one and tell them what caliber or gauge firearm was their preferred weapon and they will ship you back a box of ammunition with “a measured portion of ash” in each shell or cartridge”. They will also return any unused remains.
Prices start at $1,250 for a box of prepared ammunition.
Be seeing you.
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