Signs And Portents

What with the economy and the abrupt end of the Aztec calendar come next December at the solstice, there’s a lot of talk about the End of the World.* Most of us just smile and nod. After all, we had one false start on that already back in May with poor old Harold Camping.

Before that we all remember the millennium scare. We didn’t even get the promised global computer failure, let alone the final battle between good and evil…or did we?

Consider: The year 2000 ushered in eight years of George W. Bush who was  inaugurated in January of 2001, the actual millennium. Eight years of war later he managed to screw up the economy and set America on the road to being a police state.

Now the 2012 election is looming and the front runners are Mitt  Romney, who used to make a living gutting companies and shipping jobs off shore, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Perry-who are like Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, but without the intellect or the ethics.

It may not be an apocalypse, but it looks a lot like a plague of  toads.

Be seeing you.


* The End of the World is the registered trademark of Dominionist Christianity, inc.




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