Save The Troll!

In 1989 when repairs were being made on the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge following the Loma-Prieta earthquake, the iron workers, unbeknownst to Cal-Trans, commissioned a little something extra from an iron worker who also happened to be a sculptor: An 14 inch high metal sculpture of a troll.


This they welded in place on the North side of the outside rail, between the upper and lower spans, where only the maintenance crew can see it. There it has remained for over 21 years. Now that section of the bridge is going to be replaced and the fate of the troll lies in the hands of a committee, a sad fate to inflict upon one of the Fair Folk.
I submit that it is right and fitting that a sculpture of a troll adorn the bridge that was first proposed by Joshua A. Norton III, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.
Be seeing you.


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