GOP’s War on Voting to Be Investigated

Excerpts from an article by Ari Berman on

“Rather than protecting right to vote,” said Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, a witness at the hearing, “we’re seeing a brazen attempt around the country to undermine it.” He pointed to legislation that would make it more difficult for citizens to register to vote or for groups like the League of Women Voters to register new voters, cut back on early voting, require government-issued IDs that specifically target young and minority voters, and disenfranchise ex-felons…

As usual, Republicans cited fears of widespread voter fraud as the key reason for the new laws, even though study after study has shown that in-person voter impersonation is practically non-existent in the U.S…

Justin Levitt, a constitutional law professor at Loyola University, deftly summarized the GOP’s efforts to suppress the Democratic vote under the guise of voter fraud. “We’ve amputated a foot to cure a potential hangnail,” he said.

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