The Sad and Bitter End of a Love Affair

When we were younger she could do no wrong…not as far as I was concerned. I was young and I loved her so, with an innocent and naive trust. Oh, she did some bad things now and then but her heart was pure and there was no malice in her. My but we dreamed such grand and noble dreams together!

Time passed and somehow she became first cynical, and then jaded. She strayed from home, some times for long periods at a time…And when she strayed she would spend like a drunken sailor. Still, afterwards she repented and I always forgave her. What else could I do? She was my first love.

Now though she has become possessed by darker appetites. She has been reported to have a taste for pain and blood. Always the top, of course. Our friends avoid us, but still I hear the whispers. She has driven us deep into debt and I am at my wits end.

In spite of all, I cannot bring myself to leave her.

I love her still, God help me.

She is, after all, my native land.


The Town Scryer
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