“Unfocused” protest? How about “unfocused media”?

The corporate media says the “Occupy Wall Street” protest is unfocused, but I disagree.

This movement really is growing organically, as opposed to the corporate-sponsored tea party protests.

It’s all about the corrupt financial system squeezing the 99% for the benefit of the now-entrenched oligarchy in this country. And the same media that makes fun of the “rabble” in Zuccotti Park is part of the enabling force for that oligarchy (definition: a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few).

The media is also far guiltier of a lack of focus than any group they cover.

After all, what is the purpose of the so-called “fourth estate” of the media? To help the citizens of the republic stay informed? Or to dupe them?

Perhaps at one time it was the former, but since it was bought up by said oligarchy, things are different. Now something like 95% of all television, radio and print publications — and the delivery system for the internet — is owned by just a few corporations.

And if the corporate media has a mission these days, it is to distract. Ooh! Look over there! It’s a celebrity going to rehab! And there! It’s a gory car crash! And ooh, looky here, another politician having an affair!

Young? Yes. Having fun? You bet. Unfocused? Hardly.

Then there’s the plain rank hypocrisy of the mainstream media.

If you look at the tea party protests (those corporate-sponsored media darlings who could do no wrong), they are “all over the map” too: calling Obama a “hitler,” complaining about “socialism,” and confusing it with “communism” and “fascism,” droning on with misspelled signs about every kind of imagined wrong their mostly comfortable upper-middle class butts were suffering… all the while missing the real point: the huge mess corporate control has made of our country.

Well, here is a movement that is protesting just that: a corporate takeover of our nation. It is fighting against the greed of the Wall Street gang of banks and traders, and for a return of wealth back to the workers who built this country.

Yet the mainstream media continue to react quite predictably — that is, if you remember where they’re coming from. They continue to belittle protesters, trying to make them appear unfocused, spreading disinformation and distracting the nation’s attention away from the real problems affecting us all.

In fact, their intransigence is enabling the police to act in decidedly undemocratic ways, as they are now fomenting violence upon a completely non-violent protest, in an attempt to discourage participants.

But the “fair and balanced” corporate media will continue to spew their biased garbage. Talk about a lack of focus!

James Israel
Social media