The Most Delightful Thing I’ve Seen In Some Time


(Castle not included)
You can become a Scottish Lord or Lady for only $50.
An organization dedicated to preserving Scotland’s vanishing woodlands is offering to sell Californians one (1) square foot of  Scottish land as a means to preserve the parcel totaling 700 acres. Since under Scottish law anyone owning land in Scotland has the legal right to use the title of “Lord” or “Lady” this makes the proud owner of the kitchen tile-sized plot a Laird. While this law makes Lords about a dozen to a shilling in Scotland, they are pretty rare in the states. Might get one a few more dates or maybe help you talk your way out of a speeding ticket, what?
The name of the organization doing this is Highland Titles. The parcel is located in the Scottish Highlands near Glencoe.
The neighbors might be a bit noisy though. Ozzy Osbourne has already bought one.
Be seeing you.

Source: sfgate



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