Coming Attractions

Anonymous is in the news a lot lately. They are a part but not I hasten to add, by any means all of the Occupy movement. They have been a larger part of the movement from banks to credit unions. At the same time they have outed a child porn ring and are threatening to expose a Mexican drug cartel.

They have become a cultural phenomenon.

You all know what happens to cultural phenomena, don’t you.

Right now, or at least very soon, someone will develop an action/adventure/crime drama TV series pilot about a group of masked cyber-vigilantes who bring down criminals too rich and powerful for the police, or even the Feds to catch. They will do this by revealing their darkest secrets at the end of each episode when they release a clip with all of the evidence on youtube.

One of them will be either a “rogue cop” or an ex-cop. He will be blond and ruggedly handsome. He will always have two days growth of beard. One of them will be a hot-but deadly woman, as beautiful as she is mysterious. The third member will be the uber-geek who can penetrate any computer system by tapping a computer keyboard for ten seconds–fifteen tops.  They will all report to an older tough-but-fair curmudgeon who has no idea what a computer is but somehow is in charge of the group because of something dark and sad in his past that haunts him.

The studio executives will snap it up and congratulate themselves on how relevant and edgy the new program is. Cigars and brandy will be passed around as they congratulate each other on creating just the thing to recapture the youth demographic.

What they will have actually “created” is NCIS Cyberspace.

Anonymous will immediately attack their web site.

Be seeing you.



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