A Failure To Communicate of Epic Proportions

It all started when the ten year-olds at Ashbeach Primary School in Ramsey Sy Marys, Cambrigeshire, U.K. brought this note home to their parents:

Following our successful visit to Welney Marshes last year, the Ely and District Wildfowlers Association has invited us to go and see an evening flight with them at Welney…

The children will be finding out about the different species of wildfowl that live on the wetlands at Welney, the conservation of the landscape carried out by the wildfowlers and the dogs and equipment used as part of the sport.

Children will be safely contained in a purpose-built hide during the talk and wildfowling demonstration.

A large number of the children and their parents understandably believed that the children were to spend a pleasant day in the country bird watching.

In fact it was a hunting trip. Many of the children burst into tears, sobbing as the birds were blasted out of the sky and the carcasses born back by the dogs.

It seems it never occurred to the school officials that many parents would not know that “wildfowling” was a term for duck hunting.

I suspect attorneys, and therapists, will become involved shortly.

Be seeing you.


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