Man Arrested For Refusing To Tell Cop Where He Was Born

Ihre Papieren, bitte!

“Vesselin Dittrich, 64, of Hoboken, said he was involved in a conversation in the PATH station in August 2010 with a woman who yelled at him for supposedly looking at her tattoos. The woman summoned a police officer, who told the two to disperse. Dittrich says that the officer said there would be no charges, but asked to take down Dittrich’s information anyway.

“Dittrich said he provided information from his driver’s license, but when the officer asked what country he was from, he declined to answer, believing it to be irrelevant and unconstitutional. He says the officer issued him a disorderly conduct ticket for ‘refusing to provide pedigree information.'”

Dittrich, an American citizen who was born in Bulgaria, has stood on principle and refused to accept a small fine in exchange for a guilty plea. After over a year, he will go to trial December 13th.

The prosecution is asking for jail time.

Much more at Constitutional fight lands in Hoboken.

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