Failure To Communicate

Remember all those jobs that illegal aliens were taking from good hard working Americans? Remember all the good American men and women that would surely line up to fill them once those foreigners stopped stealing our jobs?
Guess what? Some states in the South passed really tough laws requiring schools to check immigration status and allow police to do the same for citizenship status on all encounters. Now the farmers complain they can’t find anyone to work their fields and are worried their crops will rot in the field.
Enter the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. Their Commissioner, John McMillan, has hit upon the solution of using prisoners on work release to harvest the fields since God forbid they should pay a decent wage.
  The problem is, that may not solve the problem. Georgia has the same problem and tried work release prisoner labor this Summer. Many of the prisoners walked off the job complaining the work was too hard.

In other words, undocumented workers are doing jobs that convicts prefer a Southern jail to doing.


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