Vote! Or forfeit any right to complain!

>Sure, you’re tired of hearing it, but until we get up near the percentile of eligible people voting that other democracies have, we need to keep prodding each other. Please vote, no matter how much you think it won’t matter. Because it does matter.

And after election day, let’s put the pressure on our government to finally do all the things it’s been neglecting: health care for all, rebuilding our infrastructure, alternative energy, etc., and last but NOT least: REFORMING THE ELECTION SYSTEM ITSELF!

It’s incredibly embarrassing to hear from people in other countries who can’t believe what a mess our election system is! We need a uniform system, completely transparent and verifiable. Fire the incompetent/dishonest electronic election machine companies, put their CEOs in jail where they belong for election tampering, and legislate proper election procedure – right away! Let’s not wait until the next election!

Here’s hoping that ‘change we need’ is more than just a slogan…

James Israel
Social media