Giving Your Valentine a Slyder

This year why not treat that special someone to a romantic Valentine’s Day candle-lit dinner at White Castle Hamburgers?

According to Harper’s List that is exactly what over 6,400 couples are expected to do this year. White Castle has been offering this option for romance on a budget since 1991 and, according to their press release, “this has become an annual tradition for many couples,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate relations. “It’s been a huge hit because a lot of our loyal customers – fondly known as ‘Cravers’ – either met in a White Castle Restaurant or have other enjoyable memories they like to celebrate here.”

From the same source:

“At White Castle, you can indulge your special someone’s craving for a romantic dinner without breaking your budget,” Richardson said. He noted that Sack Meal #3 provides a dinner for two – complete with 10 of the distinctive Slyder® hamburgers, two 21-oz. soft drinks and two regular French fries – for as little as $10.49. “It’s just one example of the value we’ve offered customers since we began selling our famous steam-grilled hamburgers for a nickel in 1921.”

Note to Hollywood: I have a great idea for the next Harold and Kumar movie!

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