My letter from the president

>I got a letter from the president — you know, still-president George W. The letter thanked me for my “kind words.” Didn’t know what the heck he was talking about, of course. I figured it must’ve been some auto-response to some letter that got sent via some email thingy I signed. But it was snail-mailed to me. And it was in a big 9×11 envelope, with cardboard inside, and had an embossed presidential seal on it and everything! I figured it must be important.

So, it went on to say, “For nearly 8 years, it has been an honor and a joyous experience to be the President of the greatest county on earth.” And I thought, yeah, for YOU maybe. Then, “I will sprint to the finish line in the months ahead with confidence in our purpose and trust in the power of the American spirit.” I’m not making this up… The next line read, “As a Nation, we will continue to defend freedom’s cause…” Oh really, and how are you going to do that, George? Because all you’ve done so far is trash our economy and world standing — all for a lie. But go ahead, you were saying? “…build a more prosperous future…” OMG! I’m DYING here! “and make our society more peaceful…” SERIOUSLY? “and hopeful for every individual.” Yeah, uh huh, riiiiiiite.


Ok, King W’s rein is almost over, I must keep reminding myself. But then, I think… another two and a half months? Anything could happen. He could yet trash the rest of this tattered, embattled, saddened, bankrupt and frightened America. That’s just too much time! G.W., please, we beg of you — don’t do anything else! Just… STAND there. Ok? Really. I mean it. Right there. Don’t move.

Obama is on his way. And he can’t take the reins too soon.

James Israel
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