New Year Brings Promise of Much Political Humor

It’s almost too easy: Election years are always a rich source of comedy fodder

It’s been another fun year for us here at the Humor Times, one filled with great comic fodder for a political humor rag such as ours. Need some reminders? Take a look at the top 10 funny stories of the year, as recalled by comedian Will Durst in his column here.

Heck, any year that kicks off a major party’s race for the presidential nomination always gives us some hearty laughs, but this year’s cast of characters takes the cake.

One can almost feel sorry for the Republican party, when you have to choose between the dumber-than-Bush Texan, the crazy lady from Minnesota, the gay-hater with the name he doesn’t want you to Google (Santorum), the serial adulterer with enough baggage to nearly fill his huge ego-inflated head, and the past, present or future version of the Mormon. Of course, there are the invisible men too: the other Mormon (Huntsman) and the only one with the courage to stand up against military intervention (Ron Paul).

Certainly, it’s a cast that kicks ass for comedy, as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and our cartoonists and columnists have shown unequivocally.

It was a historic year for us too, as we celebrated our 20th anniversary in April. We also launched this completely refurbished website, which is enjoying ever-growing popularity.
Times are hard everywhere, of course, but our subscribers and advertisers are keeping us going strong. If you’re a fan, please consider giving subscriptions as gifts, today and for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, April Fools Day, etc.

Here’s looking forward to the new year, may it provide plenty of laughs. And hopefully, some much-needed positive change. Like, how about the strengthening of the growing movement to get the big money out of politics, getting the financial system under control and defining “persons” as actual people?

Of course, it may be the last year of the world as we know it anyway, if the Mayans are right.
In any case, we hope that you and yours have a prosperous and very happy new year!

James Israel
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