Earth: The Sequel – inspiring, well done


On Wednesday night, The Discovery Channel aired its one-hour documentary based on Fred Krupp’s best-selling book Earth: The Sequel.

If you didn’t catch it, they’re repeating it again this Sunday. It goes through many of the latest innovations for producing alternative energy, and is quite inspiring. It really gives us — excuse the overused term (in these days of Obama) — “hope.”

If these already proven technologies could be launched on a massive scale right away, we would not only stand a chance at avoiding the worst of global climate change (and yes, it is still real, despite right-wing nut jobs insisting it’s already “over”), AND we could put people to work in good-paying, meaningful, long-lasting jobs and careers.

In fact, I think the entire stimulus should have gone to this effort. Screw the banks, let ’em fail. (Alright, some help should go directly to homeowners facing foreclosure and the unemployed to help them survive through the worst of this.) Let the failed, corrupt financial institutions go bankrupt, let the government restructure them, bring in new people, and start over. That way, CEOs will know there are consequences in the future, and will act accordingly.

Meanwhile, if Obama had launched what Al Gore suggested months ago, we could be on the way to a complete environmental and economic transformation.

It is continually being suggested that we’ll need another stimulus package. This should be it.

James Israel
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