All-Electric Cars: Making a Comeback

>Electric vehicles, including some pretty stylish models, were introduced in California way back in the 90’s, and were getting quite popular. If not for a change in the law that had forced the car companies to come up with these new models, we would probably have far more of them on the road now, and be that much farther along in the battle to beat global warming. But, no… The oil and car companies fought the zero-emissions law and won, and thousands of all-electric cars — which had been leased, not sold — were recalled and destroyed.

After that, due to environmental concern and consumer demand, hybrids were brought on the scene, which of course, still used gasoline. Finally, it appears the all-electric vehicles are poised to make a comeback, and I say, it’s about time!

Check out this recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Michael Taylor:

All-Electric Cars About to Be Resurrected
“The all-electric car, which had a brief heyday less than a decade ago and then went the way of the dodo, killed off by the car companies, is about to make a comeback. These silent electric autos will be plugged into home outlets at night and during the day will be able to travel 100 miles or more without stopping for a charge. Nissan said recently it has developed a mass-market electric car, due out by the end of next year, that will seat five and can have its battery charged to 80 percent of capacity in 26 minutes.”

James Israel
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