Insurance industry suddenly finds ways to cut health care costs! Wow, aren’t we impressed!

>So, NOW the insurance industry finally comes around, saying it can reduce costs! Gosh, what were they waiting for? The threat of a public health care option, that’s what.

Don’t let them fool you, and keep the heat on your elected representatives for real reform.

All the industry’s proposal will do is cut a mere 1.5% from the price INCREASES they were hoping to leach our economy further with.

Private insurance is the whole reason our health care is in such a mess in this country. The huge amounts wasted on overhead and unnecessary bureaucracy caused by these greedy companies is bloating our system. They sit in their cubicles, in between you and your doctor, and tell your doctor what he can and can not do for you.

This proposal is nothing more than a desperate attempt to avoid their worst nightmare — a public health option. They know that if Americans have that option, they’ll end up gravitating to it, because it makes so much sense.

Private insurance advocates always talk about preserving choice. So why are they against this choice? Make sure your representatives know you want a public health care option.

James Israel
Social media