Opposed to Socialized Medicine? Now’s your chance to pledge to deny yourself Medicare for life!


Finally! All who are opposed to “socialized” health care can now sign a petition created to let you pledge to refuse to use the Medicare you already have, or to promise to never sign up for it. That’s right, Medicare is a government run insurance program, much like that evil public option!

If you choose not to sign it, I’m sorry, but you’re a hypocrite!

Next up: We hope to create “Thanks but no thanks” yard signs you can put up in your yard, telling those socialistic police and fire departments that you’re against all socialist institutions like theirs! After all, our taxes pay for their services! And we all know the government can’t do ANYTHING right! So, buy one of these signs (yes, they’re for sale — what’d you think? This is capitalism), and tell those commies where to go! Next time your house is on fire, you can hire help to put it out — that’s the American way!

James Israel
Social media