Father Shoots Son over Karraoke

“I can’t believe he shot me.”

William Henry Oller Sr., 70, was arraigned Monday in Shasta County Superior Court on attempted murder and other charges in connection with the shooting of  his son, William Carr Oller Jr., 50.

“According to a Shasta County sheriff’s summary of events, the junior Oller told investigators the shooting erupted after he and his father argued over his playing of karaoke music. The report did not specify what song might have ignited the argument and sheriff’s detectives have said they don’t know.”


At one point the father, who had traveled from his home in Sacramento to visit the son, apparently grew weary of the son’s playing karaoke and said “I’m going to shut you up.” He then  went to his pickup truck and returned with a semi-automatic pistol.

The son, deciding that retreat was in order, went inside and locked the door. After some time he opened the door again believing his father had left the porch.

He was wrong.

His father was waiting and pointed the gun at him again. A struggle ensued and the son was shot in the arm, shoulder, and chest. His attorney also claims he sustained a head wound.

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