The Virgin Father


Meet Trent Arsenault. He is a computer security engineer, a 34 year-old virgin who lives in a warren of computers, electronics, and cables that he calls “The Borg Cube”. He is also the father of fifteen…so far. He runs a one man peer-to-peer sperm bank out of his home. He posts his driver’s license photo, pictures of his parents and his latest STD test results on his web site along with a link to his facebook page.
The FDA learned of his operation and have filed a “cease manufacture” order against him…which taken literally would seem to be beyond the scope of that agency. The only people more upset with him than the FDA are his parents. While Trent was busy dealing with the FDA he neglected to keep in contact with his parents. His father, a prominent Pentacostal minister began searching the web and found the web site.

Last March, his mother wrote of “the consequences of such depravatory giving of one’s seed to unknown and most likely degenerate individuals.” Trent had “dishonored and humiliated” the family, and his only hope was to “truly repent and embrace the precepts of the Bible.”

Meanwhile Trent is getting a hundred sperm requests every few weeks.

For much more see: nymag

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