Beware the Semper Fies of March

I’m beginning to feel sorry for Fox News Host and “personality” Tucker Carlson. After making a series of extraordinarily sexist and inflammatory remarks about “pregnant pilots,” women generals, and women in general, he was taken to task by everyone from Brianna Keilar (news anchor, CNN) to Tammy Duckworth (U.S. Senator, D-IL). Ms. Keilar is a military spouse, married to a former Green Beret, while Sen. Duckworth lost both legs serving as a helicopter pilot in Iraq, before entering the political sphere. Hence their comments were both poignant and pungent. As if Carlson didn’t have enough trouble, he was also roundly reprimanded on Twitter by a United States Marine.

Not just any Marine, but a member of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Not just any member of the DIA, but a highly decorated, 28-year veteran of the Marine Corps who has been in combat multiple times, while being deployed in Somalia, Albania, Zaire (now the Congo), Bosnia, and Iraq. Not just any highly decorated vet, either, but one with a green belt in Martial Arts, a master’s degree in cybersecurity and a certificate from the Kennedy School at Harvard, all of which qualified him for his his current role as 20th Command Senior Enlisted Leader—the first Marine to hold that title at DIA. Impressive, especially for a kid who enlisted in the Marines when he was 18, straight out of high school—and is now only 46 years old, but with several lifetimes of experience, both in the field and in the classroom, from the halls of Milošević to the shores of Al-Qaeda. He vouches for the women in his life (including his wife, a nurse with a master’s in Biohazards who, like her husband, is also a champion powerlifter). I wouldn’t argue with him about that—would you? Neither would his daughter, I’ll bet—nor any of the military women who have worked with (not under) him, during his tours of duty both at home and abroad. He gives all of them A+ ratings—and is grateful for their skill and courage, as exemplary as his own. Besides, anyone with a name like Stalker must be taken very seriously, don’t you agree?

That’s right: Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott H. Stalker, USMC. He’s not related to R.Lee Ermey— and has no relation whatsoever to Gomer Pyle. But if I were Tucker Carlson, I’d be worried right about now, just in case someone is looking for him, so to speak. Since today is the Ides of March, I’d be afraid of going to work, let alone to shop at the Forum. Tucker’s friends may be Roman, but his enemies are Legion. And if the Marines are looking for a few good women—well, that may be Carlson’s only hope of staying alive, provided he remains inside his den, and doesn’t venture out of doors to chase after a fox. Et tu, Trumpe?

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn