You are what you eat, and I think Tucker Carlson must be eating a lot of Rush Limbaugh’s discarded fast food.

Last time I watched Carlson’s show for three seconds- like “wow” Tuck is gaining tremendous JOWL WEIGHT, he was transforming (on a molecular level)… into Rush.

I could see his lips movin- but didn’t understand what he was sayin.

His fascist disease is RUSHINTUCK syndrome. Hosts start out as likeable humans and devolve into slime balls, taken over by politically motivated delusion and feverish greed.

Imagine (school kid) Rush … he got ahold of his schools PA system and amplified basic racism into a sick tin pan theatre. Once the KKK heard him of him… it was like a dittohead was born!

Unfortunately for Rush, even fame couldn’t change his misfortune, he died of lung cancer- selling cheap cigars.

Rush shamed his own “inner gayness, hated all his Xwives and all women. A thuggish drug addict, and parasite of civil behavior, at least Rush got his shiny trinket reward from Trump before falling in a hole.

If you read this thinking “what a sad attempt at WOKE comedy” … the actual SAD comedy is Tucker living a gated cocoon of protection, getting HIS covid shot, while casting doubts on Americans protecting their own Family health.

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Signed: Glenn Jones