boy blunder

Raised in the perfect “planned” community of Seaside Florida, Matt Gaetz grew up in the house used for filming “The Truman Show”.

Gaetz exactly mirrors (in reverse) Jim Carey’s character… who eventually escaped from a make-believe set called- his life.
Gaetz on the other hand- embraces everything FAKE, like Trump- he is a legend in his own mind… even more shallow than his reflection.

At taxpayer expense Matt built a TV studio in his Fathers Niceville residence, spent more time on Fox News than legislating and lives in a delusion that dishonorable behavior is mitigated by “likes” on Facechat.

One day… will Jim Carey play Matt in “The Gaetz Show”? Does Daddy’s fabulous wealth keep Truman out of jail? Will Truman marry the love of his life- Ginger(not so) Luckey?

Will Truman tearfully Beg evangelicals (after sentencing) for forgiveness then steal the offertory? “Who will carry my baggage?” asks Truman, embarking in handcuffs for his next Federal position and bar exam.


However…Child abuse and FRAUD pretending to be a Congressman- distracts from OUR critical everyday American reality.
Regardless of Florida Mans sun baked criminal exposure or whatever (playboy) bunny his attorney pulls out of a MAGA hat… Gaetz is guilty of living an empty life… to its very fullest.

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Signed: Glenn Jones