Whiskey Tango Foxtrot MTG

Marjorie Taylor Green doesn’t recognize Joe Biden as President.

Rural Georgia politics apparently Begins with (bizarre) sexual fitness gurus, leads into Qanon beliefs, and ends as her smoldering NASCAR wreckage on the beltline.

Can’t tow her junk off the field soon enough.

ANYTHING common sense-is in MTG’s NRA gun sights, maybe her book will be called “RABID FIRE WEAPONS-beyond merely RABID sounding bites”.

Is MTG is an older Honey BooBoo or slightly younger Paula Deen?

Horror remake of the Beverly Hillbilly’s… Granny wearing a MAGA hat, swinging wrecking balls at our Capital (Some Gala Lady).

Her KKK team jersey says, “Mad Dawg from Georgia”. MTG Can’t acknowledge the opposition, she is neither “on” the ball or “in” the game- just fully “off” her chain- MarjorieBooBoo in da House!!

Who let dat Dawg out!!!

MTG – fails even a little league coin toss, burns down the mess hall… yet take a victory lap in her Qanon pace car.

Marj had her PIT STOP GOP strategy printed on Mar-O-Lago stationary. A racist- fast track- miles wide -one inch deep, marked-Qanon top secret for- TOTAL LOSER.

Hoof in Mouth is the cake she bakes! Disenfranchisement of black people is the organ she grinds! What’s better than Trump in heels? Lip stick on pig$! deep fried lard for diabetics! a rabid dawg whistling Dixie!


Its… “Qanon Marjorie’s Snake Oil Circus & Race relations Demolition Derby.”

Too wordy? how about- “Week Old Oyster in Hot Dumpster” still long in tooth? – let’s try…MTG. (Mini-Trump-Gator.)

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Signed: Glenn Jones