It Takes One to Owe One

You have to admire Donald Trump’s sheer chutzpah.

Leave it to the Big Liar himself to “christen” the Big Lie. If I were Adolf Hitler, I would sue The Donald for lunatic infringement.

Not only did Trump steal props right out of Der Führer’s playbook (Mein Kampf, Ch. VI), but Der Furor went him one dead letter, by trolling the BL with his own brand of BS. Pinocchio would be proud, yet I find the whole show rather wooden—and a warning to anyone who isn’t already aware of the borrowed script.

As Mark Twain observed, history does not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes. Trump is no poet — but he has taken far too many liberties with liberty to merit twined laurels.

The Big Liar must be brought to justice: prosaic yet permanent. The fire must be extinguished, lest the firing next time be doused in a Biblical baptism of blood.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn