At least we came in 16th!

“Right to life” issues apparently only extend to the unborn- not immigrant children or Black kids.

Men, politicians and Trumped-up religious leadership have perfected a “male centric weapon” known as never birthing anything besides meddling.

Women have been told what and how to do since the dark ages- (meaning yesterday).
Yesterday in North Carolina a 14-year-old GIRL can be legally married- (State sanctioned rape and child abuse).

Republicans never right those wrongs- women with the highest levels of life satisfaction live in places where their reproductive rights are fully protected- America ranks 16th from the top.

Bumper sticker For Christian women protest marching around abortion clinics -“DON’T WANT ABORTION? Don’t have one!… That’s right-mind your own business.

Pregnant teens, victims of incest, Mothers who can’t afford another child, trust people to make responsible life decisions- for themselves.

When did your private medical procedure become anyone else’s business? Republicans want to hit women in the face with the same a chastity belt used by the Chinese Communists.

Your Family- Their hypocrisy.

Don’t inflict your bible, Koran, Communist Doctrines, flat earth, God’s wrath or any other rubbish on the whole neighborhood.

If your Church, mosque, house of worship, faith and belief system was so great- then…hold back the crowds! … no lines forming to the right of what’s wrong.

Communist Chinese force sterilization on Muslim women of western provinces, 14-year-old girls are child (abused) brides in Carolina…what’s the big difference?

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Signed: Glenn Jones