The trouble with tribbles

Star Trek- Arizona ballot recall- the final flunk-tier.

GOP dilithium crystals on empty, Scotty. Warped 10 speed to the Maricopa Galaxy to find the biggest hole in our known universe.

Searching with high beams, dim wits and UV scanners- tractor beams can’t turn legitimate elections around Captain! Let’s just lie cheat and steal!

Klingon Emperor (guest star) – Donald Trumpzilla will mind-meld with a golf crystal ball- (butt sees)- no future without asteroids, hemorrhoids and lawsuits he can’t- avoids.

Like Qanon believers- Trumpzilla uses the anti-logic of a sociopathic mind, lives in a nebulous tax write Holodeck, and believes his misfortune is our wheel deal.

A privately perpetrated Arizona ballot recall defies space, time, local election officials, and even humanoids.

Literally Lost in Space- Tribbles believe this apprentice casino loser- is an actual politician.

Some avid Trek watchers “tried to” master the nuance of speaking Vulcan, hoping to unlock the mysteries of “strife” itself.

If it wasn’t for being a made-up script, on a Hollywood set with cheesy special effects… it actually- could happen right? Like Trumps BIG LIE- all true- for inhabitance of the brain-dead outer limits-YES.

Trump reruns- equivalent to a Romulan icepick lobotomy.

Plutocracy is what Fascist Arizona Republican Tribbles are hoping to find.

I said… “hold on Space Cowboys, yall could save a lot of taxpayer dollars just by searching Uranus”.

“Idiotic, mean spirited, rubbish- gushing up from Mar-O-Lago craters on Uranus… would yield exact same results you have now- less paperwork, fewer flushes”.

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Signed: Glenn Jones