right to remain silent

Hello Joel, guess a little seagull told you… turning State’s evidence on Matt- isn’t a good compass heading.

No need to drag our GOP “rising star” into other people’s anchor lines… right Mr. Greenberg?

Think of your crew, your family – lets all-do what’s RIGHT for America!

Hungry communists Liberals circling your Ship? Hey Buddy- we took the liberty of changing your boats name from “Little Miss Jailbait” to IRON PATRIOT… see how friends help out… when you’re in the weeds!

Your ends justify our means.

Money can’t pull you all the way to shore with 33 Federal harpoons in your whale hide, but perhaps it’s the difference between doin time… and reel HARD TIME.

Matty G can’t say it out loud, but you, Roger Stone and He- still BFF right? Look at Roger- PARDONED-BAM!

Paul Manafort- stayed corked like a bottle of cheap champagne- no fizz, -no fuzz.

Silence be golden. No threat INTENDED.

When Trump is back in his wheelhouse, you will be high and dry sailor- HOOKED UP! not roped in.

Look what happened to that Epstein guy- maximum federal incarceration- but Jeffery only “hung round” a little while.
“Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it.

Ships in a bottle need a good cork.

Don’t let your ship hit the fan Joee!

“No worries about your Family either Joel-Fiends got you back so… hold fast”.

Glad we could have this little talk!

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Signed: Glenn Jones