woke up

If people want boring counterpoint, watch CNN.

I’m not capable of talking people down from Qanons ledges, not sympathetic to Fox-itus or Trump-itus (phony) legal ploys. Wake up smarter, (its allowed).

Being politically correct or polite with rabid insurrectionist losers… (not my job).

If someone is on board with the January 06th attack in DC- they already ditched normal behavior, we are no longer friends, – (grounds for divorce).

If racism, anarchy, and Fascism is what they bring to Mom’s table- I’m not obliged to be friendly, consider the other guy’s feelings, reach out, be inclusive, speak in mealy mouthed terms or even pass the potatoes.

If my editorials are satirical, over the top… Fox News pundits breached all semblance of civility-years ago-(blame them).

Sarcasm is my weapon, even that’s “lost traction” since… the GOP is now- (officially) Zombie Cartoon Network, (with deadly farce).

Harvard debate with Sponge Bob? – (No thanks).

Sorry and sad- IF Trumps “insane clown posse” is what you teach your kids.
Dangerous and stupid have crossed a Rubicon- (straight to Hell).

Hey angry white guy going nowhere…If you can’t get your old job back in the coal mines, leave Appalachia, OK?

They’re still hiring truck drivers Mister, earn yourself a life, (don’t blame people of color).
Sound flippant? It’s not-

I drove trucks, listened to smart advise, saved money, never stormed a Capital building and didn’t look back.

I voted Obama …So-yeah- I’ll keep the change; you should (dump the Kool aide).

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Signed: Glenn Jones