great American train robbery

Mars is popular this year! NASA has helicopter service 300 million miles away, the Chinese just landed a Rover-Bot.

Our money could have been spent on a highspeed trains (punctual east coast service) between Boston and Miami.

For (traffic jammed) decades…Interstate 95 has been a subsidized concrete mess.

Quick history lesson – In the late 40’s early 50’s (when America had the world’s finest rail network)-GM, Firestone tire and Standard Oil connived together to derail all passenger service, tear up existing electric urban street cars and get Americans hooked on gasoline and automobiles- like crack heads.

It may have been the worst environmental theft in all history.

Any evolution bettering train service was purposely demolished. Government subsidies poured in as concrete, crummy rubber and massive mindless fuel consumption addictions.

We land pricy vehicles (for nobody) on Mars yet- can’t get humans unstuck on Americas decrepit beltways.

The few “surviving” electric streetcars (not stacked and burned)- were sold as scrap, to places like Portugal… they operated for decades- because steel wheels roll, and rubber bus tires are basically-holey-crap.

GM buses also turned out to be crap, (precisely why) GM undercut city trolley service, bought those trolleys at bankruptcy- then (immediately) tore up and paved over every inch of functional track in every city they owned.

Common good and common sense- for the common man… didn’t stand a chance.

Capitalisms Cartel of crap couldn’t allow the public to change its mind…so “grift” glided in like a Swiss electrified train- EXACTLY as SCHEDULED.

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Signed: Glenn Jones