tent revival

Civil behavior holds our cultural eyeteeth in healthy sockets… for good reason.

Some disruptive family (of rednecks) on a Southwest flight thinks their (linebacker sized) daughter- (Honey Boo-boo) was justified in knocking teeth out of a flight attendants’ mouth.

For Mrs. Sloppy Joe and her “Jerry Springer clan”- some poor Airline employee- enforcing basic passenger protocol …was perceived as liberal “cancel culture.”

Voters interviewed in a (super conservative district of Georgia) are “afraid to speak out” because of “backlash from neighbors” (group think ignorance).
Gee- what if someone said “Marjorie Taylor Greene is a nut case racist”- will their house get burned down by MAGA church groups?

A disgruntled transit worker murders 8 coworkers and burns a house down because of paranoid WHITE NATIONALIST HATE.

He stashed enough ammo to wipe out an entire police force- the NRA must be proud!

Finally- (FLORIDA MAN) Matt Gaetz- touring America (on Taxpayer’s dime)- espousing HIS needy willingness to weaponize 2nd Amendment grievances.

Matt’s wish list IS violence.

Since Gaetz may be facing Federal charges for child trafficking and prostitution- a Qanon civil war would perfect his distractions from his “FAKE POLITICIAN” entitlement lifestyle.

Blow hard, fascist, hate mongering tent revivals.

A strategy plagiarized from Trumps PHONY VICTIMHOOD playbook.

Poor-Jim Crow needs more Kleenex, the hard-working Lynch mob (sadly displaying rope burns) – proclaiming “Foxitus” in self-defense for all the innocent people they had to hang today.

Offensive behavior is the best defense- for a disgraceful culture- worth canceling.

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Signed: Glenn Jones